Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

1 Kroniek der Lichtwerkers means: ‘A Lightworkers Chronicle’.
This title is related to a text︎︎︎ that Hauser wrote as part of the exhibition Kosmoz three years earlier, in which photographers are referred to as lightworkers. 

2 Costumes for this video were made by fashion designer Edwin Oudhoorn for whom Koen Hauser photographed his debut fashion collection Doodsgewoon︎︎︎ in the period prior to the production of Kroniek der Lichtwerkers

3 One of the screenings of Kroniek der Lichtwerkers was during the legendary group show MASS (2009), organized by Freudenthal/Verhagen as an underground pop-up event in the building of the former gay sauna in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam. 

Kroniek der Lichtwerkers

The videowork Kroniek der Lichtwerkers (2008) was initiated as a quest for authentic inspiration. It uses the photochemical process as an allegory on the process of creation. The ritual and sequential character of illumination of the silvercrystals, development, fixation and so on, has profound resemblances with various schemes of spiritual growth, such as in alchemy. Starting out as an amateur in filming, directing and editing as well as acting and singing I searched for the ultimate inspiration of the 'amateur'. In a form that looks like a mixture of an old children’s television program, a musical and a hilarious self-portrait, I pay tribute to the glorious medium of photography.

camera: Aart Kramer / costumes: Edwin Oudshoorn / special thanks to: Ruth van Beek, Irene Cécile, Irina Filtzer, Louise van Huisstede, Sofie Knijff, Danny Molenaar, Krista van der Niet, Diana Scherer.