Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

1 Ruth van Beek is an artist who’s work originates in her ever-growing archive. The images, mainly from old photo books, are her tools, source material and context.

2 Overview of the collection of images:

La Matière Inconnue 

La Matière Inconnue (2022) is a homage to my dear colleague Ruth van Beek, with whom I share the love for old books and the very act of cutting out images from them. This publication uses cut out imagery of objects photographed against a neat background.
Born from a deeply felt need to move away from opinions and narratives, I digitally removed the objects themselves in a rough and nonchalant manner, leaving only traces of unknown things that once were there: left like scars of a medical procedure on the craftly chosen, and professionally lit backdrops from the original photographs. 

At the van Gogh artist in residence exhibition space, I presented two prints of these images on aquarel paper reminiscent of water colour paintings.