Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

1 The work Kosmoz No. 3 was recently on show at the Fotomuseum Den Haag as part of the exhibition showcasing the collection Ophof︎︎︎

2 The design of the original exhibition – curated by Kim Knoppers –  consisted of white walls, a yellow curtain and waiting room chairs reminiscent of medical institutes. Part of the exhibition consisted of an installation featuring a lenticulair image︎︎︎ showing moving circular shapes inside a skull, based on a photographic reproduction that is part of the artistbook Kinderen︎︎︎.  

3 Accompanying the exhibition a leaflet was handed out to the visitors, containing a manifest called Kosmologisch Signaal ︎︎︎. 

4 the photograph Kosmoz No. 3 was reconstructed three dimensionally during the Skulptura ‘performéance’ called The (re-) Creators (2019)



Kosmoz (2005) deals with notions of isolation and representation of the self in the portrait genre. Following the visual aesthetics of early psychiatric research, characters were shaped into their self fulfilling appearance by means of digital two-dimensional sculpting.