Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

1 The video of Amethyst is on permanent display at Museum de Lakenhal︎︎︎

2 The work was first presented in Museum van Loon. 

Amethyst, installation at Museum van Loon during Salon/1

3 Photographs made for this work features Valentijn de Hingh︎︎︎,  dutch model, dj and journalist. 


The moving image work Amethyst (2010) initially was created as a site-specific installation with analogue images and sound. Slowly dissolving slides reminisce the process of decay. The automated slideshow is projected in a dimly lit, richly decorated room, the visual style of the imagery referring to fashion photography – tightly related to ideas of beauty and identity. The work was created on the occasion of Salon/1, by whom I was invited to show my work in Museum van Loon during the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2010.
A digital video version of the work is currently on show at Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, as part of their permanent collection.

model: Valentijn de Hingh / make-up: Louise van Huisstede / assistant: Mo Schalkx / music: Reyer Zwart / special thanks to: Iris Box, Ania Pawelec, Museum de Lakenhal and Museum van Loon.