Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

1 The artist book Kinderen is part of a collection of artist books created for the occasion of Marks of Honour – A Striking Library, initiated as a homage to the photobook per se by Amsterdam based gallery van Zoetendaal Collections and Cologne bookseller Markus Schaden.


For the exhibition Marks Of Honour – A Striking Library (2005), 45 international photographers were invited to choose a photobook which was influential to the formation of their work, and to pay it artistical homage.
For this project I substituted the original pictures of the 1930’s book Kinderen by Paul Eipper with found images from other old books, and designed it a new dust cover.

Participating artists: Morten Andersen, Paul Andriesse, Sara Blokland, Machiel Botman, Koos Breukel, Mark van den Brink & Andy Bosma, Olivier Cablat, Serge Clément, Eli Content, Nicolas Descottes, Leo Divendal, Charlotte Dumas, Bertrand Fleuret, Andreas Friedrich, Julian Germain, Stephen Gill, Jacqueline Hassink, Elias Hassos, Koen Hauser, Todd Hido, Cuny Janssen, Dirk Kome, Paul Kooiker, Katrin Korfmann, Jan Koster, LPI, Simone Nieweg, Arno Nollen, Martin Parr, Nina Poppe & Verena Kaltenbach, Diana Scherer, Ken Schles, Joachim Schmid, Johannes Schwartz, Harold Strak, Oliver Sieber & Katja Stuke, ULAY, Ruth van Beek, Carla van de Puttelaar, Bertien van Manen, Wolfgang Zurborn