Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

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Jardin de la Mer

In preparation of the project In Paradisum, I started finetuning a technique I first applied as part of the project Skulptura.
I processed images randomly chosen from my archive of cut out reproductions with digital brush strokes, erasing their original narrative. This became a meditative activity in which photographic imagery is applied as paint in a way that resembles the ancient Japanese art of marbling, Suminagashi.

The resulting images – reminiscent of photographic reproductions of coral reefs – formed the basis for these two publications, Jardin de la Mer I and II (2022). 

The digitally printed pages mimic the colour spectrum and velvet-like blacks of  ‘photogravure’; an old reproduction technique of a bygone era.

At the van Gogh artist in residence exhibition space, a big print of one of the images was presented, showing a remarkable resemblance to the paint strokes of Van Gogh when viewed from up close.