Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

1 Exhibition view:

2 Installation view:

2 Read the exhibition text written by Kris Kozlowski Moore︎︎︎.

3 Read the full press text written by Frank van der Stok︎︎︎.

4 A small publication was designed by Bart de Baets for the occasion of the presentation of the project at the Unseen Photofair 2019.


5 Together with Emma van Noort︎︎︎ I created a so-called performéance on the three-dimensional re-creation of famous photographs in clay. 


“Skulptura (2019-2021) is an eclectic collection of photographs featuring an array of objects and shapes. Together they reflect Hauser’s research on the juxtaposition of the photograph and sculpture.

In Skulptura, he introduces sculptural artifacts of disparate origin, processing them with a diverse assortment of approaches and working methods. 
Within his own process, Hauser very much acts as a magician; forming new connections and interactions whilst cross-fertilising various styles and forms from the world of sculpture, photography and fashion. At the same time, Hauser distinctly weaves notions from mythology, animism and spirituality into every corner of his work. All of these divergent methods, references and hybrid manifestations blend seamlessly together and can be interpreted as an anthology from Hauser’s wonderful world of biomorphe form language.

As a result, not only sources of inspiration, but the origin or indebtedness of a visual idiom can be derived; paraphrasing a famous photo of Avedon and using three-dimensional scans of objects from, among others, the collections of the gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Centraal Museum, including couture by Viktor and Rolf and Vivienne Westwood. He also used photo archives from the likes of Museum Boymans van Beuningen and Spaarnestad Photo.

The statuette images in Skulptura evoke on the one hand the desire for spatial experience; of the ability to touch and feel yet the impossibility of this - inherent in the medium of photography - gives the images their sometimes uncomfortable, even oppressive charge. In this sense, Skulptura represents a sculptural dream world that is locked up in the second dimension.“

text taken from the press text︎︎︎ written by Frank van der Stok