Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

1 The title Pantheon︎︎︎ refers to the myriad of entities that to the artist seem to inhabit his collection of cut out imagery, that ranges from reproductions of modern sculptures to art-historical, scientific and gone by fashion photography.

2 The merging of images results in a kind of transfigurational constant, a  stable visualisation of a fenomenological cycle. This idea first first appeared in my work Ocean of Darkness, as can be read in it’s voice over text︎︎︎.


Pantheon (2020) can be considered as a further exploration of the merging of found imagery as applied in both the projects Epitaphium and Nocturne. It was first presented in a dark high-ceiling hall at the Big Art show at the Hembrug terrein (Zaandam, the Netherlands).

This videowork consists of many photo’s from old books, interweaving twentieth century modern sculptures with art-historical, scientific and gone by fashion photography. Pantheon again shows ever changing human representations, this time in the form of five statuesque full body figures that rise up high above the viewer.