Koen Hauser
Projects (selection)

In Paradisum (2022), exhibition view
1 In Paradisum was created in the context of the BredaPhoto 2022 theme; Theatre of Dreams︎︎︎.

2 In Paradisum refers to the Requiem︎︎︎ by Gabriel Fauré and the connotation of paradise as a place of happiness and delight.

3The way photographic imagery is applied as paint  resembles the ancient Japanese art of marbling, Suminagashi︎︎︎.

In Paradisum

An immersive photoprint of 12 x 2 meters, - on display during BredaPhoto 2022 - presents to us a fluid garden, in which sensory freedom is reclaimed from images that exists in public space which normally capitalizes on our receptiveness to colours and textures by instrumentally nudging us to consume.

The complexity of our contemporary times and the ways in which we navigate in it tend to alienate us from the very essence of life. With In Paradisum, I investigate ways to restore a more pure and direct contact with the world.
The application of techniques goes further than craftsmanship; as in many of my other projects, to me it embodies the very essence of the work’s visual poetry.
In a meditative ritual of radically distorting the visual qualities of imagery collected from the physical public domain, I erase their intended narrative. The outcome is reminiscent of action painting, in which the work derives its power from the direct way that the colours, textures and kinetic quality of the strokes of paint speak to the audience.