Catharsis (2010) was created during six weeks in which the exhibition space of the Scheltema complex was transformed into a provisional filmstudio for a project that connects art, psychology, documentary, cinema and music.
During this working period Hauser interviewed people on situations or conditions that makes them feel abnormal and different from others, recording it on video. These conversations functioned as a starting point for creating new ‘staged’ moving images in which the interviewees also play a part. The ‘green screen’ process together with cut out images from old books created illusionary backdrops. As these scenes refer to cinema of a by-gone era in our collective memory, the seven personal stories and the look ‘behind the scenes’ interweaved with the visual language and universal themes of the classical Hollywood movie in a work-in-progress presentation.

Last step in the process was shooting material for a final ‘meta’ scene, by means of filming the interviewees in front of the green screen, while viewing ‘their’ moviescene for the first time… The result was first presented during the art festival Niet Normaal, together with the transcriptions of the initial interviews. 

watch trailer/Coronation scene here︎︎︎